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https://grounds.wtf/grounds/auction code fuel guy is premiering as ground #50 cos we all know what’s really powering the blockchain. #caffeine #placeyourbids
https://groundsdao.wtf/grounds/creations/8453:0xee4f427ce740031c2e4fe04b0f05dc342bc51272:24 Did an animation with some vector art for Shaolin Double-Shot. Self awakness is vital to self awareness.
https://groundsdao.wtf/grounds/creations/8453:0xee4f427ce740031c2e4fe04b0f05dc342bc51272:18 I tried the hide function and uploaded the new version. but I still see the old one up there...just flagged...shouldnt "hide" remove it from the wall?
Is there any way I can update my Don Machiato Submission to include the animated bits here? There is no Delete function on the page, only a hide button. Do I hide and resubmit this? Any feedback would be appreciated.
Don Macchiato - here for the Family of course. hand-drawn in procreate.